Get the healthy, flawless smile you’ve always wanted and deserve.

TriValley Dental performs several cosmetic dental procedures at our office in Hegins that will help you improve the look and function of your teeth. Read on for descriptions of some of our most common procedures, and schedule an appointment with your dentist to learn more.

Implant Placement and Restoration

Implants are one of the most modern procedures in dentistry. They are anchored directly into the bone and can be used to restore from one tooth to an entire mouth. It is broken up into a Surgical and Restorative component. Since 2014, we have been able to perform both aspects in our office. This helps our patients, because in most cases the entire procedure is done under one roof. Which is beneficial because we can control all aspects as a general dentist, as well as save our patients a significant amount of money.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are handcrafted, custom-made, thin shells of dental porcelain placed on your front teeth. They are stain resistant and custom-tinted to blend with surrounding teeth. Veneers can dramatically transform your smile by correcting flaws like: Chips, Cracks, Gaps, Misalignment, Misshapenness, and Stains. 

How we can help: Your dentist will meet with you in a consultation to discuss your ideal smile and then create a custom design for your porcelain veneers. He or she will then secure temporary veneers to your teeth while a ceramist fabricates your one-of-a-kind restorations in our dental lab partners. Once the veneers are ready, you’ll return to our office so the dentist can remove your temporaries and place the final veneers.

Cosmetic Bonding

Chips, stains, gaps, and cracks on your front teeth can easily detract from an otherwise attractive appearance. But if you’re hesitant about investing in dental veneers, consider cosmetic bonding instead. Although bonding doesn’t last as long as veneers, it is generally faster and less expensive than bonding. Plus, like veneers, bonding resists stains, so it holds its natural-looking color.

How we can help: Your dentist will use the same custom-tinted, liquid resin used for white fillings for the procedure. Once he or she has prepared your tooth or teeth, your dentist will tint the resin to blend with the existing tooth enamel and apply it as needed. A soft light will then harden the substance, and your dentist will sculpt and polish the newly shaped tooth so it looks completely natural.

Cosmetic Orthodontics

You may associate braces with middle school or high school students, but more adults than ever are turning to orthodontics to improve their bite and reposition their teeth for cosmetic reasons. In our office we offer clear, removable aligners. Usually treatment time is 6-9 months.

How we can help: Traditional braces involve brackets glued to your teeth and a wire that gently forces the teeth into proper alignment. Clear braces can refer to clear brackets and wires or completely acrylic aligners, much like a retainer, that move teeth. Your dentist will recommend the best solution for your teeth and lifestyle.

Teeth Whitening

When performed by a dentist, teeth whitening, or bleaching, is quite effective. Your dentist can administer a higher concentration of whitening solution than over-the-counter systems, so the results are more significant. We offer several types of teeth whitening procedures. Your dentist will help you determine the best solution for your unique lifestyle and goals.

How we can help: Your dentist will use either a highly concentrated bleaching solution to whisk away stains caused by common foods, beverages, tobacco, age, and/or tetracycline medications. This procedure can be done in the comfort of your own home. With our professional take-home kits in about two weeks. With this system you could expect up to 10 shades difference. If a short term solution is not what you are looking for,  ask about our Lifetime Bleaching or consider porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding to indefinitely eliminate stains.